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Protecting Personal Identifiable Information (PII) using Brava!

Confidentiality and data privacy have always been concerns for businesses, particularly in industries like legal, healthcare, financial, and insurance. But with new international regulations and privacy acts, the ability to protect and redact sensitive information is becoming increasingly critical to companies across all industries.

While manual redaction is a useful tool, guaranteeing the protection of personal and private information is something that can’t be left to chance. One mistake can be catastrophic for an organization, leading to legal issues, large fines and loss of customer loyalty and trust. The only way to ensure complete compliance is through automated redaction tools that intelligently remove sensitive information from both paper and digital content.

OpenText™ Brava!™ automatically redacts personal information including names, credit card numbers, accounts and more with no programming through easy-to-use scripts. Businesses can seamlessly integrate automated redaction into their business workflow ensuring the protection of sensitive information.