OpenText RightFax Intelligent Workflows

OpenText RightFax Intelligent Workflows is a new digital fax solution that automates end-to-end fax processing. No matter where your fax-based content comes from, RightFax transforms fax images into semi-structured files with actionable data, then seamlessly routes that data to the right system or person based on your standard operating procedures.

0:04 – Learn about the challenges in your fax processes that Intelligent Workflows can solve
0:34 – Learn about how Intelligent Workflows automates end-to-end fax processing
1:00 – Learn how to set up Intelligent Workflows in Enterprise Fax Manager
1:37 – Learn how FaxUtil makes faxes secure and easy to search
1:58 – Learn how to handle exceptions in FaxUtil
2:09 – Learn about the RightFax web client
2:21 – Learn about the key benefits of RightFax Intelligent Workflows for your organization

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This video was created using the default UI of RightFax 21.2. What you see in this video might not reflect what you see in your version or customized interface.

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