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OpenText Blazon Enterprise Controlling Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

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Demo Purpose

The purpose of the demo is PII redaction use-cases controlling capture and retrieval of PII. Highlighted features include redaction, different redaction types and markup review (QA workflow simulation), and automated redaction while batch publishing documents.

Business Need

All industries including financial, insurance, healthcare, life sciences, and retail need to secure PII within their business documents. This scenario involves a financial institution that requires to processing thousands of loan applications a year and have distributed branches throughout North America.

Financial Lending department needs to control the PII that is referenced throughout the loan application documents. Loan officersÕ access to loan documents through network folders and have access to a portal.

The loan processing team needs to control and limit the dissemination of personal identifying Information.

OpenText Blazon canÉ

Blazon can be used immediately with zero programming resources. With a reputation for being incredibly easy to implement, Blazon can be put to work instantly monitoring a folder or library for new documents to process. As a new file is added, Blazon can convert the file and apply the predefined publishing criteria (a watermark, banners, etc.), saving both the original and published copies into the appropriate library or folder.

If a more robust implementation is needed, Blazon can be added to any workflow, from simple to very complex, using its comprehensive API. Blazon is highly scalable and can be deployed at any level, from the department to the data center. Its flexible architecture allows it to scale up and handle large loads.

OpenText Blazon Enterprise

Document transformation can be cumbersome and labor intensive. Blazonª automates the batch conversion process to effortlessly create PDF, TIFF or secure Content Sealed Format (CSF) versions of content in practically any formatÑjust set Blazon up, and let it work for you. Much more than just document conversion software, Blazon provides essential support for your security, compliance and collaboration initiatives while improving operational efficiency.

Blazon can be set up to monitor folders for files to process or to handle batch file conversion. Documentum administrators can use PDF Scheduler to start using Blazon right out of the box. For more sophisticated environments, integrate Blazon into workflow or business process actions in any content management or other system using the robust API.

Document transformation made easy.