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OpenText™ Exceed™ TurboX Introduction

OpenText™ Exceed™ TurboX makes graphically demanding UNIX®, Linux and Microsoft® Windows ® applications and desktops accessible through the web so your business can empower its global workforce with a high-performance remote access solution.

Exceed™ TurboX is a high-performance remote-access solution that empowers a truly global workforce, providing access to UNIX, and Microsoft Windows desktops and applications through the web or corporate WAN. This improves the reach of your enterprise applications and allows for data center consolidation to reduce costs and increase security. Exceed™ TurboX offers granular settings for remote file, printing and clipboard access which can make sure no bit of information leaks outside the data center. Many verticals are using Exceed™ TurboX to deploy their graphically demanding software to their users. Verticals include Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Manufacturing, Architectural Engineering, Oil& Gas, Utilities and many more. Employing a remote access infrastructure and global datacenters enables cost savings with a quick Return on Investment.

OpenText™ Exceed™ TurboX (ETX) provides high-speed access to graphical applications and desktops running on X11 and Windows hosts. ETX provides a central location for IT to securely deploy applications running on a variety of server platforms, including physical workstations and virtualized environments to a managed list of users across the globe.

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